Top 12 CMS to use in 2016

Top 12 CMS to use in 2016

A content management system (CMS) can be defined as a software or set of related programs that can be used to edit, create, publish, review, modify and delete content of an website. Apart from this, CMS is also used to verify the number of times the content shown to the specified user along with the content displayed.

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Promote your content

How to Promote your content with this 10 useful tips

Most of the people in the online marketing field today think that “great content” itself enough to bring traffic to blogs. But unfortunately this is far from reality. Actually facts and findings aren’t that simple and easy in reality. You must take some extra measures along with ‘relevant quality content’ to promote your content and attract huge traffic. 


Here are 10 useful tips to guide your content promotion strategy

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Logo grid

How you can use a logo grid into your design

A logo grid is a geometric design technique  or  guide  - necessary and a popular tool for every multimedia designerto create a logo or any design accurately. The grid system is used especially for a design that might often render at extreme sizes like- very large or small. It also helps to create something that has visual harmony, an organized aesthetic and purposeful design.

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freelance web developer

10 ways to boost your career as a freelance web developer

It wouldn’t be wrong to say a majority of people are trying to become a successful freelance web developer or designer. And why not? One gets an ocean of advantages while freelancing, the very first thing that comes to mind is one becomes his own boss. You don’t have to take permission for a day leave, or any other such common matter which a regular working guy faces more often. You get to work whenever you like however you like, sounds attractive right? Well, besides the number of benefits of working as a freelance web developer, there are some disadvantages as well, which doesn’t come to light at the beginning.

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Create impressive web design

How to create an impressive web design?

If you are new to the world of web development, designing our website can be challenging task. In order to begin with the process of web designing get acquainted with the basic of web designing at first, you can take help from a freelance web designer too. As you start learning gradually it will grab your interest. Design is not just about how good the website looks, besides that design has a number utilities. It helps in search engine optimization, user friendly navigation, etc. 

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Web design freelancing 2016

Make a fruitful freelancing career in 2016

Many prefer freelance web designing profession as it gives the ultimate pleasure to work from home at your own convenient time. If you are thinking to take up freelancing as your new job, there is no reason to worry at all, remember it is not rocket science. All you need is proper planning and dedication to work alone in your own workplace.


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SEO friendly website

How to make your website SEO – friendly

If you are thinking to take your business online, the first step to begin with is to make a website. However, remember to ask the freelance web developer to integrate every SEO aspects into the site, as a good-looking site alone cannot fulfill the online needs to make your business popular.

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the best freelance web designers

Top 20 freelance web designers in the world

Check the list of top 20 freelance web designers

Freelancing is a booming profession nowadays. The freedom of working on preferred projects, suiting your own budget, within your own deadline is making freelancing a popular way of earning a livelihood.

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freelance developer and client

Things to remember before an encounter with a client

The job of a freelance web developer is very challenging. He alone has to handle everything starting from project bidding, conversation with clients, negotiation, project submission, etc. Thus, a freelancer has a number of things going on in his head.

Final submission of project is a very crucial point, because that is the moment, which decides whether you are being paid, or have to rework on the project all over again. Website development is not a simple project, which you can deliver just like that, sealed inside an envelope. A freelancer should keep certain things in mind when the time of submission approaches. Always remember clients can be tough and difficult to melt, so you have to play your cards wisely so that the client approves your project at the first encounter.

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top wordpress tools for freelancers

Top 6 WordPress tools for freelance web designers and developers

WordPress is one the most favourite platform for freelance web developers to work on. Almost every big or small website is made on this amazing platform so much so that it alone holds 24% of shares in the usage of CMS’s for website development. The reason it tops the list is the number of free tools and features loaded in the CMS which helps every designer and developer to stretch their limits and create something that is great.

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What makes a great freelance web developer

4 fantastic character traits that make a great freelancer

What does it really takes to be a successful freelance web developer?

It is an amalgamation of traits actually- like for example, discipline, determination, open minded, communicative, etc. The count of freelancers in India is going up and up every day, but not everyone becomes hugely successful. We have freelance wed developers who are in the business for over a decade and just doing fine. How they do it?

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Unknown seo tactics

Lesser known seo tricks to get higher rank

The seo techniques are evolving every day, and everyone who wish to stay on the top should follow the techniques religiously to remain compatible with the changing algorithms of Google. Today we all know no matter how well a web designer works on a site, he has to use the best SEO techniques to make the site visible. Almost every web development company in India is making the best use of SEO techniques, what should you do more to keep ahead of the league? Here are some seo tips which are less known and thus can help you stay on top.

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