Protest Yourself from against SIM swap

 What is SIM swap




> Fraudster gathers casualty's close to home saving money data


> Fraudster methodologies casualty's portable administrator with casualty's fake personality proofs and gets a copy SIM card


> Mobile operator deactivates the original SIM card post successful verification & issues a replacement SIM


> Fraudster generates the One Time Password (OTP) which comes on the new SIM & carries out account transactions without victim's knowledge



 Tips to safeguard yourself against SIM swap




> In the event that your versatile quits working for uncommon reasons, check with your portable administrator quickly


> Never disclose Internet banking password/ATM PIN/Telephone PIN to anyone


>Try not to uncover your portable number on online networking stages


> Register for both SMS as well as e-mail alerts to stay informed about transactions on your account


> Never respond to unknown mails or calls asking your account details and registered mobile number